Founder of Macheng Hubei Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the township of Chinese granite - Macheng. Founded in 2011, the registered capital of 60 million, covers an area of 100 acres, the fixed assets of RMB yuan, 12 kilometers away from the highway exit 106.
The company is a collection of mining, product design and processing as one of the integrated enterprise. Has a series of mining and processing of advanced equipment, the range of products are: sesame white, sesame white G603, G602 sesame white, Macheng sesame white, sesame white, red board, etc., variety is rich and varied, is the modern stone culture and the quality of the full display of art. Its huge production scale and capacity, as the local leading large stone mining and production enterprises. In the competition intense today, founder people are with the new concept of scientific management, establish "quality for this, the good faith management" strategy, and constantly open up new areas of application of stone, and will always to "customer satisfaction" for the purpose, good governance, the pursuit of excellence, advancing with the times, with the Japanese club new, to the goal of internationalization modern enterprise forward.